How do I know my Fireray detector is working?

Each of our Fireray models have an Amber or Green LED which will flash every 8-10 seconds to visually confirm normal operation, either on the detector and/or controller.


Fireray 3000 and 5000: The right hand LED on the Controller will flash Green every 10 seconds if the System is working (the Detectors on the F5000 will also flash Green every 10 seconds). If the System is in fault, an Amber LED will flash to indicate the position (or number) of the faulty Beam (the Detectors on the F5000 will flash Amber every 10 seconds if they are faulty, but can also display no LED under certain types of failure mode).


Fireray 50/100Rs: The current version will flash an Amber LED once every 10 seconds to indicate it is working and be on constant or flash every 2 seconds if it is in fault. Note: Very early 50/100Rs had a Green LED fitted in place of the Amber one. These work as follows – No LED, the Beam is working. A solid or flashing every 2 seconds means the Beam is in fault.


Fireray One: A Green LED flashing means the Beam is working, an Amber LED flashing every 3, 5 or 10 seconds indicates a fault.

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