How many flame detectors do I need for my application?

The answer to this will depend on the specific application. However, we offer the following guidelines to help you.


Know your Risk – Does your environment contain volatile substances or are you monitoring a metal process to check for ignition? Depending on your environment and its risks you will need different set-ups to make sure it’s fully protected.


Know your Model – Check out our flowchart of What Flame Detector Do I Need? This breaks down our entire range and what environments they protect.


Know your Flame – What size flame are you trying to pick up? Small flames need detectors ~1 meter (3 feet) away from the risk, while larger flames can be detected up to 25m (82 ft) or more if the flame is large enough.


Know your Measurements – Make sure you are aware of the size of the process or area you are looking to protect as this will affect the number of units needed for your installation.


Know your Obstructions – If you cannot see the flame, the detector cannot see it either. In any installation there are common obstructions to be aware of; people, vehicles, equipment, or internal building structures. Add additional flame detectors where temporary or permanent obstructions may occur and always test final installation in different locations to check your coverage is as intended.

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