The Flame Detector won’t go into Fire or Fault when tested. What do I do?

When testing a Talentum Flame Detector, you should only use one of the following tests:


1) Modified Test Torch. The Test Torch with the Blue Filter on the end should not be used as this can give a false pass. There are two modified versions (Infra-Red only and both Infra-Red and Ultra-Violet Flame Detectors) of the Test Torch and these should only be used from now on.


2) A real flame of the appropriate size.


3) The Self-Test.


All these methods of testing should give a fire. If this does not work, then check that the window of the Flame Detector is clean (this is very important with the UV/IR2 but less so with IR2 & IR3). A dirty window will not affect the Self-Test function and the test is internal. If the Test Torch or Flame test fails, it is worth removing the cover to see if the window affected the test. Finally, check that the Fire Relay is working and that the Fire Resistor is fitted and the correct value for the Fire Panel. The only way to test for Fault is to power the Flame Detector down. If a Fault does not appear at the Fire Panel, check the Fault relay is opening.

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